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Saving the best till last

May 5, 2010

Well I can hardly believe it but this is the last day of my 7 week trip.

I decided to do something a bit special and booked an elephant ride and in an extravagant moment added the elephant bathing experience too.

On arrival I was allocated a seat on the largest elephant they had – his name was Barooooom or something very similar.  Can’t remember exactly but I remember thinking it sounded a bit like an elephant farting underwater – and I later found out I was pretty close on that!

Initially it was a bit sedate, sitting on a park bench strapped to the poor beast’s back while his mahout chivvied him into moving along by not-so-gently nudging his ears.

We were soon invited to swap places with the mahout, Joan went first which gave the mahout  chance of dropping hints about how I might want to tip him.  After about half an hour of plodding through the jungle, with the hints from you know who falling on increasingly deaf ears,  it was my turn to ‘drive’.  Just manoeuvering from the bench to the front seat was pretty tricky.  It was a long way down and Bassoom was not for standing still.  I made it though.

Sitting on an elephant’s neck is not as comfortable as it looks.  They are bony beasts.  After half an hour my backside was black and blue.  And I had cramp in my hands from trying to balance – there’s not much to hold onto up there you know.  It was great fun despite the pain, but I’ll be taking some extra padded cycling shorts the next time!

After the trek I was taken back down to the river to give the elephants a  bath – which is how I found out about the elephant’s farting noise.  It was great fun although the mahout seemed more intent on soaking me than the elephant.

I got absolutely soaked but it was more than worth it.   What a fantastic last adventure.


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  1. Jill Valentine permalink

    Gosh, how the time flies! Be good to see you on the 29th -hope you can make it Jillx

  2. Fraser permalink

    Love the picture of you scrubbing the elephant’s head Leslie – I was just wondering if the mahout had his flip flop off to spank you or the elephant!? It does look just a wee bit suspicious but maybe not advisable if your rear was as damaged as you say!

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